UPA Primobolan 200


  • Methenolone Enanthate
  • 200mg /ml
  • 10ml vial
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Primobolan. The injectable Primobolan steroid has the same characteristics as Primobolan pills, but there are some differences between the two pharmaceutical products.

The Primobolan pills contain the acetate form of methenolone ,while the injectable Primobolan is the enanthate form of  methenolone. For the majority of athletes the methenolon enanthate is just a form with longer action of Primobolan. This way the injectable Primobolan must be administrate once a week due to the long period action, while the pills must be taken daily. When using injectable Primobolan in doses of 200mg/week a small retain of water in organism may happened which allows the increase in strength and weight. A beginner in steroid treatment, when is taken a 400 – 600mg dose/ week can achieve great results, in period of eight weeks  can gain up to 6-7 kg in weight, without loosing this kg after treatment.

The injectable Primobolan is a steroid base by its primary anabolic action, but with a smaller action than Deca-Durabolin. The Primobolan steroid can be efficient combined with most steroids.

The recommended dose of injectable Primobolan is 200-400mg/week although there are sportsmen that use daily vials of 100mg. The injectable Primobolan doesn’t transform into estrogen, but in some cases it retain water in the organism.

Adverse reactions when using injectable Primobolan are minimal and appear only to those people who are very sensitive, as acne, voice thickening, fast increasing of hair. The injectable  product has a smaller influence in the function of the liver, although increasing the index of the liver is lightly probable. The arterial pressure and the level of cholesterol is maintained like in case of using the Primobolan pills, in normal limits.

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UPA Primobolan 200
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