• Prevent oxidative stress
  • Increase nitric oxide & its effects
  • Reduce fatigue during exercise
  • Reduce cellular damage
  • Anti-Inflammatory & Mucolytic agent
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In the body, NAC converts to L-cysteine, a nonessential amino acid. The body then uses L-cysteine to make glutathione, which is a tripeptide or chain of amino acid cysteine, glycine, and glutamic acid.

Glutathione is an antioxidant with important functions in the body, such as protective effects towards DNA damage & carcinogenesis, supporting the immune system, supporting the function of specific enzymes, helping certain organ functions, and more.

Increasing L-cysteine will increase the rate of the supply of glutathione production in the body. NAC is more soluble than L-cysteine itself, which is why NAC is often used in supplements instead of L-cysteine by itself.

NAC increases exercise performance and reduces oxidative stress especially in those low in glutathione.

Studies have also indicated that NAC may help reduce the mucus build up and inflammation of the lungs and bronchial tubes by way of glutathione.

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