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May 8, 2018
May 8, 2018

Vitargo 100% Pure Unflavoured


  • Vitargo
  • 100% Pure
  • Patented Carbohydrate
  • 30 x 30gram servings
  • Unflavoured (for stacking)
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Vitargo is a revolutionary life source of energy that is used amongst Olympic athletes, medical professionals and millions of people wanting to improve their health, fitness and appearance goals.  A superior choice over energy drinks that contain glucose, waxy maize, maltodextrine and sucrose, Vitargo transports through the stomach faster than any other carbohydrate for an instant surge of energy.

Don’t let all of your hard work in the gym, kitchen and sports field go to waste by fueling your body with a low grade carbohydrate. When you are serious about your physical performance, you need to be serious about your choice of energy source. If you want your body to crash half way through your race, choose another highly marketed sports drink. But when you want to finish first, fuel your podium finish with Vitargo.

We don’t justify our product through marketing, we justify it through results.

In an attempt to refuel and rehydrate with normal sports drinks during exercise, athletes will often feel bloated or experience stomach cramps. University researchers found that Vitargo emptied from the stomach more than 2 times faster than leading sports drinks. Clinical studies also prove that Vitargo replenished glycogen levels 68% faster which allowed for an increase in performance of up to 23% after just two hours of consumption!

Vitargo has a very low osmolality structure, which refers to the amount of water it draws in. This allows for easier transportation of energy while minimizing the risk of cramping.

Osmolality results

Sport drinks 5% solution 10% solution 15% solution
Vitargo ® CARBOLOADER 11 24 39
Maxim Original 48 100 165
Isostar ® Long Energy 89 181 306

Osmolality results are given in mOsm/kg. These results were achieved by mixing the products in distilled water. This was done because tap water’s hardness varies and can affect the osmolality values by about 5 – 15 units. Recommended carbohydrate concentration in a solution during activity is 5-8%. Note that Vitargo®CARBOLOADER has a lower osmolality at 15% than Maxim Original has at 5%.

As you can see, the Vitargo Carboloader mixed in 10 % solution has half of the osmolality comped to Maxim Carboloader mixed in 5 % solution. With Vitargo, you get at least 4 times more energy than other brands. You can even mix Vitargo 4 times thicker and it will still pass through stomach quicker to give you superior performance.
Vitargo is a favorite fuel source amongst athletes world-wide, not only because of its superior energy delivery and the clinical studies, but because it is completely gluten free and manufactured in a plant that only produces the highest grade starch, so you can be guaranteed of no impurities or banned substances.
Vitargo can be taken as a gel or bar for convenience, and our array of powders mix easily to a beverage of your choice.

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