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UPA Arimidex 1mg


  • Ananstrazole
  • 1mg / tab
  • 30 tabs
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Arimidex is a very new drug developed for the treatment of advanced breast cancer in women. Its manufactured by Zenica Pharmaceuticals and was approved for use in the United States at the end of December 1995;. Arimidex acts by blocking the enzyme aromatize, subsequently blocking the production of estrogen, since most breast cancer is stimulated by estrogen levels. This product is used during very high androgenic steroids such as Dianabol and testosterone where estrogen levels need to be watched because of gynecomastia and water retention purposes.

Drug Dosage:

Arimidex dosage of 1-2 tablets per day can produce estrogen suppression by 80% of some patients.

Drug Side Effects:

This drug is relatively mild, but when estrogen levels are decreased the risk of HDL levels can dramatically drop causing cholesterol problems.

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