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May 8, 2018
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Rapid Fire


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TNT Mercury is proud to announce the much anticipated launch of their final product in the Kevlar Trilogy, RAPID FIRE. Comprised of an equal blend of patented and trial based carbohydrates RAPID FIRE affords competitive athletes an immediate surge of Bioavailable Patented Vitargo followed by a staggered release of Palatinose. Both carbohydrates have had significantly more athlete specific trials than other available energy sources and have yielded the most credible results. We have incorporated both in equal ratio in one supreme product resulting in better pumps, faster recovery and increased endurance whilst restricting the surge of catabolic pathways during training.

As with all TNT products we simply put the very best formula together and never compromise our standards to reduce cost. RAPID FIRE is packed with pH correcting Alkaline Buffers and jammed with electrolytes to reduce acid build up, improve muscle response and accelerate between set recovery times.

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