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  • Testosterone Propionate
  • 100mg /ml
  • 10ml vial
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Also in the family of testosterone along with Enanthate and Cypionate, is the propionate derivative. This particular testosterone needs special mention because it has some properties that fill the gap left by the other two popular testosterones.

Most people will recognise the propionate component in Sustanon and this is indeed the fast acting component that makes Sustanon effective within a day or two. Propionate gets into the system very quickly but also loses its effects very quickly. This has been the reason why it has been successfully incorporated in Sustanon and in the Testoviron blend.

The fact that it is in and out of the system also leads to dramatically less water retention but you have to inject at least 100mg every second day. You may wonder what the point of this would be. Firstly there is a good application in its combined use at the end of an Anaplex (Anapolon) cycle. Because of the severe negative feedback causes by Anaplex, one its use is stopped, most of the size and strength is lost very quickly. But using propionate at the end of the cycle, you can reduce the negative effects.

Secondly, during preparation for competition, Propionate can be used very effectively with Winstrol and other cutting drugs leading to a marked reduction in the loss of muscle typical during this phase. Because of it does not cause so much water retention it can go a long way toward keeping the muscle looking fuller and more ripped. This makes fro a cost effective alternative to the number one contest drug Trenbolone or better known as Parabolan.

Thirdly, in women who has made the decision to use a testosterone, Propionate should be the first choice as amazing results can be obtained but using 50-100mg every 4 to 5 days, with very little of the usual testosterone side effects because there is very little accumulation of androgens in the body.

More serious athletes will also find that Propionate can provide that extra boost and a mixture of Propionate and Cypionate (Depotrone) can have similar effects to Sustanon, fast (within 1-2 days) acting with a lasting effect (up to 10 days).

The downside is that frequent injections are necessary. Dosage range but 100mg every other day will give most users good results.

Test Prop is a PAINFUL injection so be aware of this characteristic, you can read about how to deal with it here