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PGW Masteron 150


  • 100mg Drostanolone Enanthate
  • 50mg Drostanolone Propionate
  • 150mg /ml
  • 10 vial

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Originally know as Masteron, this drug was no longer available until recently when it was manufactured by some of the “steroid only” companies.

It is highly androgenic and is a DHT derivative and does not aromatize. It was considers one of the best cutting steroids and lead to rock solid muscle on especially low fat bodies, so much so that it was reviewed for years after it was no longer available because it became such a yards stick in the cutting steroids group. The best attempt to compare it is is to say it is like Winstrol but better and with fat burning properties. I burns fat more actively and makes you harder than pretty much anything else.

The “new” Mastabol is made up out of two esters of the same drug, the slower acting enanthate and the fast acting propionate. The combination strikes a nice balance that allows for a little more time between shots while still giving relatively good clearance (about 3 weeks) for drug testing.

This is a essential drug to be added to the cutting cycles and it is a given in any serious bodybuilders cycle. It is expensive like Trenbolone, but like Tren, in in a league of its own.

Tricky, but for a novice 1ml a week will yield results. seasoned bodybuilders will use as much as 1ml every second day.

Side effects
Mastabol is a DHT derivative so accelerated male patter balding should pop right up. If you have issues with losing hair, stay away. In addition, women should steer well clear of this drug, it’s high androgenic profile will cause Virilization quickly. It is hard on the system in every way that a heavy androgen is, but with no estrogen side effects. You need to watch the aggression and typical androgen side effects, they are bound to show up with this compound.

Additional info

Masteron is a moderate anabolic/potent androgen which does not convert to estrogen. It has no water retention or gynecomastia (bitch tits) and no rise in blood pressure usually found with elevated estrogen levels. Its also not toxic to the liver. Although it is useful as a cutting agent it could also be used very successfully in combination with other agents for bulking without water retention. Dose of 100mg or 1ml every 2 to 3 days are recommended because of its short acting ester. Nomad Labs are one of only two companies in the world known to be currently manufacturing this top quality product