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May 8, 2018
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  • Testosterone Enanthate
  • 250mg / ml
  • 10ml / vial
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Enanthate is an oil based long acting injectable that will keep the blood levels elevated for up to two weeks. As with most testosterones there will be considerable gains in muscle size and strength. It will also convert to estrogen easily and a lot of the gains you will get will be water retention. This would not be a good product to use pre-contest because you will loose all definition.

The same as all other testosterones the usual side effects could be expected like gynecomastia. You can use an estrogen blocker like Nolvadex or even combine it with Proviron that will restrict the conversion to estrogen. Arimidex will be the ultimate way to resolve this problem but this is also the more costly option. Other unavoidable side effects will be increase in facial and body hair, acne, aggression and oily skin. Because of the DHT build up people who are prone to male pattern balding will also have a problem with this product and it will definitely accelerate the balding process. To help combat the DHT build up you can also use Propecia or Proscar. This will slow down the DHT build up and the balding process. As per usual with testosterone it will suppress the natural production of testosterone and it will cause temporary testicular shrinkage. The use of a testosterone stimulating substance like HCG and Clomid will be necessary when this stack is completed. This will be compulsory to take if you want to avoid hormonal crash and depression because of a zero testosterone situation.

Although Enanthate stays in the system for much longer than a week this product gets injected on a weekly basis. Some athletes even prefer to take this substance twice a week. It is not unheard of for an athlete to take up to 1000mg of this product per week. Enanthate is one of the most powerful mass building drugs available. Large doses are not necessary but many guys have reported taking huge amounts of this drug per week. Enanthate is stacked well with Equipoise, Deca, Dianabol (Methandrostenolone tabs) or Anapolon. This product would generally not be used pre-contest due to the excessive water retention and the long duration in the blood. Once taking this substance you cannot manipulate it the same way you can do with Propionate and you are bound to look smooth if attempting to use it pre contest.

Because Enanthate sometimes takes long to get into the system it is recommended to mix a bit of testosterone propionate into the Enanthate. The Propionate will kick immediately and as soon as it starts leaving the system the Enanthate will come through and keep the testosterone levels in the blood elevated.

Generally this is a very solid choice of drug for beginners as well as guys who have been cycling for years. You can always count on Enanthate to have the desired effect when wanting to pick up mass and strength. It should just be avoided pre-contest.