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  • Mesterelone
  • 25mg per tablet
  • 50 tablets per sachet

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Proviron is one of those misunderstood anabolic compounds. Many athletes who took Proviron know it works but very few athletes really understand why it works and what it does. Hopefully this article will clear this up in simple terms so that everyone understands this product better.

It shares some of the characteristics of Masteron but it is a totally different compound to any other anabolic steroids and if understood correctly it can have great benefits for athletes but if a athlete thinks this is just a normal anabolic steroid that increases size and mass he will be badly mistaken and he would never reap its benefits. Proviron does serve a purpose when used with other anabolics on a bulking cycle but it is most commonly used when cutting. Lets discuss the way it functions in the body to understand its purpose better.

Mesterolone is a structurally altered dihydrotestosterone (DHT) with an additional methyl group at carbon one position of the molecule. In other words it is methyelated and not a C17-alpha alkylated to ensure it is effective when taken orally. This alteration protects it from stomach acids and from the liver of destroying it totally (hepatic breakdown). Most anabolic orals are C17-alpha alkylated with the exception of very few. Proviron and Primobolin are two of these exceptions.

All anabolics get measured against pure testosterone on two different scales. One is an androgenic measurement and the other is an anabolic measurement. Testosterone measures 100 in anabolic and androgenic properties. Proviron measures 30 to 40 in androgenic rating and an anabolic rating of 100-150. Although this compound has a massive anabolic rating the same as Halotestin very little of it translates into anabolic activity or any sort of muscle growth. The interesting part is that although its androgenic rating appears low it translates much higher into androgenic effects than what its rating would indicate. Especially female athletes should be warned. Its androgenic characteristics are very pronounced. So in summery it reacts and translates totally different and opposite to what its ratings indicate and is low on muscle gains but high on androgenic effects.

The benefits including Proviron in your stack is obvious if you understand its function. Firstly it is the strongest anabolic steroid to bind with SHBG (Sex-Hormone-Binding-Globulin). When you take anabolic steroids your anabolics bind with SHBG and therefore becomes useless. If Proviron binds with SHBG it will increase the amount free circulating testosterone. This will free up your anabolics to do what it’s suppose to do and build muscle rather than getting stuck to SHBG. Taking Proviron with a stack will effectively make your stack work better. Many athletes include Proviron with their stacks because they found by pure default that it gave them excellent results. Understanding how it works will explain why taking it on its own will be useless.

Proviron has a second very beneficial action. It binds to the aromatase enzyme that’s responsible for converting testosterone to estrogen. By binding to this enzyme it prohibits testosterone aromatizing to estrogen. It is not nearly as effective as Arimadex or even Nolvadex is as an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) but effective enough to see a noticeable difference in estrogen conversion. If your cycle is not to high on testosterones Proviron could be sufficient enough to sort pout all anti-estrogen side effects. Proviron will stop most of the common side effects that estrogen causes like water retention and excess body fat.

Thirdly Proviron binds to the androgen receptor. This will enhance metabolic activity through direct lipolysis. In other words you will burn more body fat because of the androgenic effects.

Lastly Proviron is the only androgen that does not effect the natural production of testosterone when the dose is kept moderate and below 150mg per day. Then the HPTA axis does not get suppressed. The fact that it increases androgenic activity without suppressing natural testosterone means that it increases an athlete’s sperm count and it can be used with your PCT (post cycle treatment) if your aim is to procreate (have a child). When a athlete wants to take pure anabolics like Deca or Anavar and he is worried that his natural testosterone level will drop to much it is also very beneficial to include Proviron to ensure you have enough testosterone for normal bodily function. The Proviron on a pure anabolic stack will prevent the testosterone from falling to low.

In summery Proviron cannot be used alone to increase muscle size and strength. It has some benefits using it on a bulking cycle when you consider its characteristics. Adding Proviron to a bulking stack to break a sticking point might be one reason for adding it to a bulking cycle. But without a doubt Proviron shows its real worth when your body fat is low and you are on a cutting cycle. Proviron works in synergy with your other anabolics as explained above and will have great benefit with other substances even when it has very little benefit on its own.

Dose is usually 2 tabs per day (50mg) never exceeding 150mg per day.