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  • Testosterone Undecanoate
  • 250mg /ml
  • Total : 2500mg
  • 10ml / vial

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Testosterones Composition Testosterone undecanoate Strength 250mg per ml Presentation size 4ml per vial Total strength per bottle 1000 mg Dose 1000mg (4ml) every four weeks or at least every 6 weeks. Further details Getting down to the less interesting but more technical information let’s analyze its content or API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) Testosterone undecanoate is probably one of the longest esters and largest esters. This means it will release very slowly over a long time and stays active for a long time. The oral version of the hormone (Androxen) is not as effective and has proven in practice to not be very popular to increase testosterone levels. However the injectable version stays active for an extremely long time after administration. This product has been approved in the treatment of androgen (testosterone) deficiencies in most countries around the world. This compound is not very popular for performance enhancing purposes because it is very slow acting. Better and more immediate and aggressive results can be obtained by using other testosterone esters like cypionate and enanthate. This compound carries a half-life of 3 weeks and has all the androgenic and anabolic effects as a normal testosterone. Ciccolibido is identical to the natural testosterone found in the body and is very well tolerated by most adult men.

We can identify three different groups who would find this compound beneficial: The first group would be males over the age of 30 who’s testosterone levels are low and they feel the need or have done tests to show the need to increase it. Increasing your testosterone levels fights the ageing process and returns your hormone levels to where it was when you were a young man. Your sex drive, strength and zest for life will return to where it was as a young man. Your muscle size will pick up again and your body fat will decrease. Even ambition and business drive can be directly related to higher testosterone levels. This product is convenient to use because it releases slowly and stays active for long. Dosage for a average man would be a single injection every 6 weeks for the first two injections and there after every 12 weeks for the third injection and every injection thereafter. This compound does not burden the user with regular weekly injections. Symptoms of low testosterone is where Ciccolibido will benefit the person • Erectile Dysfunction (inability to maintain or obtain an erection) • Loss of Libido (can refer to partial or total loss) • Loss of Muscle Mass (despite diet & exercise) • Loss of Strength (despite diet & exercise) • Increased Body Fat (despite diet & exercise) • Inability to Lose Body Fat (despite diet & exercise) • Declining Memory • Declining Mental Focus • Declining Mental Clarity • Lethargy • Irritability • Weakened Immune System • High Cholesterol • Loss of Hair • Depression • Decreased Energy • Insomnia The second group would be athletes who use it with their other compounds in a cycle for performance enhancing reasons. The same as all other testosterones this compound will do the following • Increase Nitrogen Retention • Increase Protein Syntesis • Increase IGF-1 Production • Increase red blood cell count • Decrease levels of gluccocorticoids This decrease happens by competing for argument sake with cortisol receptors (cortisol being one of the most important gluccorticoids) For performance enhancing this compound will have to be combined with other compounds to make it effective. The most important thing to remember with this compound is to only use it in a cycle that extends over 16 weeks. It releases so slow that anything less than 8 weeks would not be effective. The third group Athletes can use this compound to keep their testosterone levels up when on an off cycle. When you are over 30 years old you have two options when coming off a cycle. You can either take your PCT (Post Cycle Treatment) and return your testosterone levels to where it is suppose to be at 30yrs or 35yrs or 40yrs for the sake of the argument. Or you cannot take a PCT and spend your money on Ciccolibido that will increase your test levels and keep it stable for a minimum of six weeks at a time. The second option would keep your testosterone levels at a much higher level than your natural levels at an older age. Its different if you are 22 yrs old and you have a strong natural testosterone to fall back to when doing your PCT and coming off. But if you are a middle-aged man you have very little natural test to fall back to. In this case I would rather suggest taking a dose Ciccolibido and take a single injection of 1000 mg (4 ml) every 6 weeks to 12 weeks on you’re off cycle. This will keep your levels elevated and stable. In conclusion Ciccolibido (testosterone undecanoate) has all the usual characteristics of normal testosterone with the exception of releasing very slowly into the system and staying active for extremely long. It has very little side effects and most adult males tolerate this compound extremely well. It’s a very versatile product with a multitude of uses and benefits.